Key Portion of Suit Against Boggs Thrown Out

A state appellate court has thrown out a key claim in Margo Adams' palimony lawsuit against Boston Red Sox star Wade Boggs, ruling that the Adams does not deserve payment for emotional distress.

The split decision by the 4th District Court of Appeal leaves intact only Margo Adams' breach of contract allegations, which even if proved could justify only a small fraction of the $6 million in damages she first claimed against Boggs.

"This decision significantly dilutes (Adams') lawsuit," Jennifer King, Boggs' attorney said. "There are no punitive damages remaining, and the only issue left is whether or not Wade promised to pay her for her supposed business services. She claimed that he was supposed to pay $2,000 a month over a four-year period."

Adams claimed damages only for the baseball season, which lasts six months, so the ruling effectively "reduces her claim to about $48,000," King said.

In pretrial papers, Adams said she had received $29,000 in "income" from Boggs between 1984 and 1987, which would further reduce her damages, King said.

Neither Adams, nor her attorney, James McGee, could be reached for comment.

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