Downey : Manager to Retire After 30 Years With City

Downey City Manager Don Davis, 52, announced his retirement at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. It will be effective Aug. 21.

Davis’ voice broke with emotion as he read a letter stating that his four-year commitment to the City Council “will soon run its course.”

“I don’t want anyone to misinterpret (my emotions),” Davis said. “This is something I want to do, but when you devote 31 years to an organization, any decision (to leave) will be an emotional one.” He said he thought his tenure “provided stability and continuity to the position when it was really needed.”

His career with the city began when he was hired as a firefighter. He rose through the ranks to become fire chief in 1978, and continued in that position until his 1985 appointment as interim city manager and later city manager.


Councilman Randall Barb said that Davis accepted the position as city manager “because he loved this community. I just want to tell him I appreciate him a lot.”

Davis said the announcement was made now to allow the council ample time to find a replacement. He said he has no specific plans as to what he will do after retirement.

He admits that his retirement does not rule out taking another position in the public or private sector. If the offer is interesting and challenging, “I’ll consider it,” he said.