Racial and Religious Intolerance in County

Regarding items in all local papers about the badgering of an unknown group named Institute for Historical Review by the Jewish Defense League over a question of a World War II holocaust: I fail to understand why the numbers are so important. A holocaust is a holocaust regardless of how many people are killed.

It seems to me that 50,000 people murdered would be as criminal as 5 million. There have been many holocausts throughout history. What of the one that is just coming to light where the Soviets murdered hundreds of Polish soldiers during their occupation of Poland? Will the Jewish Defense League be concerned with that holocaust? We hope they will be.

The thing that disturbs me is the ability of a pressure group to destroy a legal meeting of American citizens.

No matter what numbers perished, there is ample evidence in my opinion that a holocaust was perpetrated and that Hitler was a villain. We must control militant pressure groups whatever their persuasion. We must use our court system to resolve confrontations, or anarchy will prevail.



Newport Beach