Coach Tells of Ben Johnson 2nd Doctor; ‘Mr. X’ Sought

From Associated Press

Ben Johnson’s coach disclosed today that the sprinter was treated by a second doctor before he went to the Seoul Olympics.

Charlie Francis, testifying for a sixth day at a Canadian inquiry into drugs and sports, said Dr. Jamie Astaphan was not the only physician treating Johnson, who lost his 100-meter gold medal and world record clocking when he tested positive for steroids.

Francis, responding to a question from Astaphan’s lawyer, said he could not remember the other doctor’s name.

“I believe he continued to see him right through as well as Dr. Astaphan,” the coach said.


Francis has testified Astaphan administered a steroid program for Johnson and other Canadian athletes.

The doctor, who moved his practice to the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts from Toronto, has denied the allegation and is to testify at the inquiry sparked by last fall’s scandal in Seoul.

Expects to Summon Doctor

The head of the inquiry, Justice Charles Dubin--without identifying the second doctor--said the physician was expected to be called to the stand.


Francis has traced the decision to try steroids for Johnson to 1981 and said they were used to within weeks of the 1988 Olympics.

But the coach concluded the sensational details of steroid use by Johnson and 12 other Canadian athletes for nearly a decade by saying that the only explanation for the positive test at Seoul is sabotage.

Meanwhile, an Edmonton businessman has offered $10,000 to the person he believes spiked Johnson’s drink in Seoul--provided the person testifies at the inquiry.

Hugh Burgess said he believes a story by Francis that a “Mr. X” slipped steroids into Johnson’s drink after his record-setting run.

“I’m saying the mystery man at the Olympics or whoever he was that would have had access to Ben’s drinking substances should make himself available to the inquiry and give his side of the story,” Burgess said.