‘Sell-Out in Central America’

On March 1, 1988, I was kidnaped by the Contra rebels in Nicaragua (while working with Witness for Peace) and held captive for eight terrifying days. My name was added to a list of over 6,000 civilians who have been kidnaped by the Contras. Thousands more have been killed in Contra attacks.

Now it appears that the U.S.-financed Contra war may finally end. On Feb. 14, the five Central American presidents signed an agreement that calls for the Contra bases in Honduras to be dismantled and the Contras to be repatriated to Nicaragua or sent to third countries. In return, the Nicaraguan government has agreed to greater democratization of the country.

Hopefully, the U.S. government will fully support this agreement, which will bring an end to a shameful chapter in U.S. foreign policy. Unfortunately, the Reagan Administration derailed many peace initiatives in the past in order to continue the war against Nicaragua.

Please write members of Congress and ask that they support the agreement to end the Contra war.



Jinotega, Nicaragua