Yaroslavsky’s Fund Raising Starts Slowly

Times Staff Writer

Los Angeles City Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky, who amassed more than $1.5 million for his mayoral campaign, has raised less than $54,000 for his 5th District reelection effort so far, campaign finance reports show.

Candidates filed campaign statements for January and February with the city clerk’s office last week. Yaroslavsky spokeswoman Karin Caves said the councilman’s reelection fund raising got off to a slow start because Yaroslavsky was busy returning money he received for the mayor’s race.

Caves said Yaroslavsky expects to raise about $200,000 for the April 11 council primary campaign against environmental activist Laura M. Lake, transportation consultant Ryan Snyder and political consultant Jack McGrath.

“We expect to raise exactly as much as we need,” Caves said. “We have a big lawn sign program, which costs money. We also have a major mail program.”


More than half of Yaroslavsky’s 141 contributions, which came from a variety of sources, were at the maximum $500 level. The councilman had $33,274 at the end of the filing period, with the remainder going to his first districtwide mailing and other campaign expenses, such as salaries.

Despite his slow start, Yaroslavsky still outpaced his rivals in the 5th District campaign. Lake, seen as the councilman’s toughest foe, reported $21,000 in contributions for the first two months of this year, while Snyder raised about $1,000. McGrath, a write-in candidate, was not required to file a campaign contributions report.

Fund-Raisers Planned

Caves said Yaroslavsky will build up his bankroll with a series of fund-raisers. Lake, meanwhile, said she also expects to raise larger sums of money in coming weeks. The Westwood activist has events scheduled at the Sand and Sea Club, the Four Oaks restaurant and 72 Market Street restaurant.


“There’s never enough money,” Lake said. “But it’s picking up . . . as interest in the campaign and awareness of the campaign come together.”

Lake’s individual contributions were smaller than Yaroslavsky’s on average. Only 19 of her 66 supporters gave the $500 maximum allowable under city law. Most of Lake’s contributions were in the $100-to-$250 range.

Snyder raised $1,265 from six contributors. Snyder said he hopes to raise about $6,000 by the end of the campaign.