Rescuers Spot Orange Object as Hunt for Downed Pilot in Atlantic Continues

From Associated Press

Rescuers searching Saturday for the Minnesota pilot of a small plane that plunged into the Atlantic Ocean spotted a bright orange object that appeared to be a life jacket.

Todd Michaelson, 29, of Minneapolis, ditched his Piper Saratoga into the sea about 990 miles northeast of Nova Scotia on Wednesday after reporting engine trouble while flying to Ireland.

A flare thought to have been fired by Michaelson, who had a survival suit and life raft, was spotted late Wednesday night and a seat cushion was seen Thursday.

Meanwhile, rescue aircraft and commercial vessels on Friday halted the search for a Cessna 210 that ditched in the same area 12 hours after Michaelson’s plane went down.


Its pilot, an American in his 40s, has not been identified.

His plane also reported engine trouble while en route to Ireland.