Local News in Brief : Bradley Gets OK on Campaign Money

Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley can use $1.8 million in campaign money raised prior to this calendar year, despite a state proposition prohibiting carrying such funds forward, a judge ruled Monday.

Superior Court Judge Kurt Lewin declared that Los Angeles city elections “have been governed by more comprehensive and restrictive provisions than those contained in Proposition 73 for the past four years.” Thus, Lewin said, there has been “an even playing field” for all candidates for the upcoming April 11 and June 6 elections.

City Councilman Nate Holden, challenging Bradley in the April 11 balloting, had asked Lewin to reverse his earlier ruling that city elections are exempt from Proposition 73, approved by the voters last year.

Holden, whose attorney contended that Proposition 73 required candidates to start with a “clean slate” on Jan. 1, said he will not appeal the Monday ruling.

Holden has estimated that he has raised more than $100,000 for his own mayoral campaign.