P.M. BRIEFING : Chile to Resume Fruit Shipments

<i> From Times wire services </i>

The Chilean fruit industry--with $44 million in backing from the Chilean government--today announced it is ready to begin shipping Chilean fruit to American retailers immediately, employing new inspection procedures now operational at all U.S. ports.

At the same time, Ronald Bown, executive director of the Chilean Exporters’ Assn., said the Chilean government is implementing a plan announced Wednesday to finance the withdrawal of fruit that was in distribution channels at the time the Food and Drug Administration banned it after finding cyanide tampering in two red grapes.

Under an emergency program, the Chilean government program will finance most costs of removing fruit from retailers’ warehouses, including fruit spoiled by reason of its delayed release. Fruit subject to the FDA action will be dumped, after necessary inventory and other accounting documents have been provided to suppliers.