Westchester : Bluffs Construction OKd

The Los Angeles Planning Commission approved plans for construction of 142 homes on two parcels of land totaling 23 acres on Westchester Bluffs.

However, a spokeswoman for a neighborhood group called Save Our Bluffs said the decision will be appealed to the City Council. If the appeal is lost, the spokeswoman said, the group will pursue legal action to stop the development.

Howard Hughes Realty Inc. originally proposed building 205 homes on two parcels totaling 42 acres. But last year, the Planning Commission staff rejected those plans, siding with Councilwoman Ruth Galanter and a community advisory group that opposed the project because of its size.

Galanter, the community advisory group and the developer met and reached agreement on new plans.


Little opposition to the revised plans was expected, but the Save Our Bluffs group appeared just before the Planning Commission hearing and said the advisory group did not reflect the views of the majority of the community.

The group is pushing for preservation of the entire site, which overlooks the proposed Playa Vista project.