Compiled by David Olmos, Times staff writer

McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Co. in Huntington Beach has distributed $2.6 million among its more than 8,000 employees as part of a “reward-sharing” program.

The average allocation was $321. Each allocation took into account an employee’s attendance in 1988 and whether he received money in any other company reward-sharing programs.

McDonnell Douglas said the total reward amount was based on Space Systems’ sales and return on investment in 1988. The Space Systems unit has had reward-sharing programs for specific programs for several years, but never for the entire company.

The money went to all employees, except those eligible for incentive compensation plans, contract hires and part-time and temporary employees.


“This is not a guaranteed amount of money. We have to earn our rewards,” said C. James Dorrenbacher, president of Space Systems. “We do that by contributing in every way possible to the success of the company.”