Coast Guard Will Search Boats : Bush Home Rule Turns Lobstermen Crabby

From Associated Press

A new security zone in the waters off President Bush’s summer home drew fire today from lobstermen, who had been promised the presidential presence would bring no changes and who object to changing their fishing routines for their famous neighbor.

“It would be a faux pas to say, ‘You poor fishermen can’t fish.’ Basically, what they’re saying is you can fish there if you can withstand the grief,” lobsterman Jim Nadeau said after the Coast Guard announced Wednesday night that lobster boats would be boarded and searched for bombs and terrorists before they can come within 500 yards of Bush’s home when the President is in residence.

“If I don’t fish in there, that one particular area will probably cost me $500 or $600 or $700 a week,” said Nadeau, who will keep working around the Bush home at Walker’s Point.

Bush has said in the past he does not want to disrupt the lobstering done around his home by about three dozen fishermen. But lobstermen said the Bush entourage has caused problems since he was vice president.


Lobstermen complain that Coast Guard cutters on security patrols have slashed the buoy lines on their lobster pots, costing them hundreds of dollars.

Some lobstermen said they won’t work the waters off Bush’s property because they don’t want U.S. officials boarding their boats.

“Nobody wants to be boarded,” said lobsterman Knoep Nieuwkerk. “Do you want police checking your car every day?”