Targeting Yuppie Drug Users


Regarding the “war on drugs” and Bennett’s strategy for it: let’s get one thing straight. The violence associated with the drug trade is not the fault of drug users, be they yuppie or otherwise. Rather, it is a direct result of the laws against drug use. This is a simple case of cause and effect. Originally, drugs were legal, and there was no drug-related violence. Then laws were passed against drug use, and a black market formed, dominated by organized crime and gangs, who use violent means to sustain their domination. If drugs were legalized again, the black market would disappear. Drug abuse is selfish and stupid, but is not the cause of drug-related violence.

Rather, the violence is the fault of those like Bennett who have made drug use a moral issue, thus negating any possibility of drug legalization. Drug abuse is no more a moral issue than alcohol abuse; and alcohol is a legal drug (of which Bennnett reputedly consumed at least his share during his college days.) Drug abuse is a social issue, and it doesn’t warrant the hysteria that is gripping this country. There are much more serious issues.

For instance, there is a product in America, the abuse of which kills more people every year than Americans were killed in the entire Vietnam War. In addition, it causes millions of injuries, costs the nation hundreds of millions of dollars in social services, is a prime contributor to the greenhouse effect, and is a source of daily stress to most of the adult population. The product is, of course, the automobile. Cars are legal, and even considered beneficial to society. Which they are, but the car problem in America is far worse than the drug problem. So, until President Bush appoints a “car czar,” why doesn’t he give Bennett a real job--like working on alleviating the problems that cause people to turn to drugs in the first place.



San Diego