14 Injured as Jetliner Crashes in Flames at Airport in Peru Jungle


A domestic jetliner carrying 130 people crash-landed in flames at a jungle airport during heavy tropical rains, the government news agency said today. It said 14 people were injured but reported no deaths.

The Faucett Airlines Boeing 737 crashed at 6:43 p.m. Monday at the airport in Iquitos after a flight from Lima, 715 miles away, the Andina news agency said.

The jet tilted sideways before touching down on the runway and one engine burst into flames, Andina said. The nose of the aircraft rammed into the runway, and both wings tore off as the jet skidded off the runway.


Andina said the 130 passengers and crew members scrambled off the jet--some leaving the plane before it came to a halt--as flames reached the fuselage.

Fourteen people were injured, some with second-degree burns and others as a result of jumping from the plane, the agency said.

The body of the jet was destroyed by the fire, it said.