Performance of City Manager Questioned

How do you reward a city manager who has been so ineffective that he has lost the services of every department head in a period of four years? Some departments had multiple replacements during that brief span. Efficient management personnel have either resigned or been fired.

Here is the reward the South Pasadena City Council came up with at its April 5 meeting. All but one council member praised the city manager. A huge scroll with John R. Bernardi inscribed in vivid green lettering was presented to him. He said he was “speechless.”

Only minutes before, the council unanimously approved a 10% salary increase that Bernardi determined was “commensurate with my abilities. . . .”

If this farce was intended to be an April Fool’s trick on South Pasadena taxpayers, it was four days too late!


South Pasadena Taxpayers Assn.