S. Korean Police Arrest Strikers in Factory Raids

From Associated Press

South Korean riot police arrested 175 workers in predawn raids Tuesday at factories held by strikers and battled radical anti-government students staging campus protests. At least 11 people were reported injured.

Prime Minister Kang Young Hoon issued orders to use troops and military equipment to keep vital industries like power plants and defense factories running if they are threatened by strikes.

The government, which says a growing wave of strikes threatens stability, ordered a crackdown last week. President Roh Tae Woo said strikes have cost $2.4 billion in lost production and $600 million in reduced exports this year.


Riot police firing tear gas seized electronics and machinery factories Tuesday in Puchon on the western outskirts of Seoul, officials said. They said some workers hurled firebombs and rocks but reported no serious injuries.

Two of the country’s three auto makers, Daewoo and Kia, said Tuesday they have resumed partial production after strikes closed them down the day before. But Hyundai, the nation’s biggest car producer, said it has not resumed work because of work stoppages and a shortage of spare parts.

News reports said about 27,000 students took part in protests Tuesday at 44 campuses.