No Verdict in North Trial After 7 Days

From a Times Staff Writer

Jurors weighing the case of former White House aide Oliver L. North in the Iran-Contra case deliberated a seventh day Friday without reaching a verdict.

After spending another night sequestered at their hotel, they will return to the U.S. Courthouse this morning to resume their deliberations.

Court officials said they had no indications what progress, if any, the jury is making toward determining North's guilt or innocence on 12 felony charges. The retired Marine lieutenant colonel principally is charged with making false statements to Congress about his activities in support of the Nicaraguan Contras at a time when Congress had prohibited all direct and indirect U.S. military aid to the rebels.

Jurors may communicate with U.S. District Judge Gerhard A. Gesell only through handwritten notes from the foreman, Denise Anderson. After initially asking for stationery supplies and extra copies of Gesell's legal instructions, jurors have not sent any notes for the last three days.

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