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Academy Award-winning actor Gene Hackman is suing Hemdale Film Corp. and Home Box Office for $5.5 million that he claims he is owed from the videocassette revenues of "Hoosiers," the popular 1986 movie about an underdog basketball team at an Indiana high school. Hackman's suit, filed in Superior Court here, claims that under his contract he is owed 10% of gross revenues on videocassette sales. Hackman, who starred in the film, said he had agreed to a $400,000 salary--less than his going rate--in return for a portion of video sales. His suit contends that HBO paid Hemdale $15 million as an advance royalty on the videocassette sales, but Hackman received nothing. Reached Wednesday, Hemdale's business affairs director Paul MacKee said his company had not been notified of the suit and had no comment. HBO officials also declined comment.

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