A Water-Saving Solution for All Those Dirty Autos

A new car-washing product--Dr. Potts Water Miser Car Wash Solution--cleans your car and saves water at the same time because it doesn't require rinsing.

Marketed by a Santa Barbara firm, the wash should appeal to car owners who live in apartments and especially to environmentalists and water conservationists.

To use the product, you dilute one capful of the soapy solution in two quarts of water to wash a small compact; two capfuls in a gallon for larger autos. Apply the cleaner to a small section of the car with a wash mitt or sponge, then dry it with a chamois or soft cloth.

"The average running hose wastes up to 10 gallons of water per minute, so this means the average car washing may waste approximately 150 gallons of precious water," says Allen St. James, president of St. James Industries, the product research, development and marketing firm that sells Dr. Potts.

St. James says the cleaner is "totally environmentally safe" because it is nontoxic, non-abrasive, biodegradable and silicone free. He says it also works on dashboards, soft tops, tires, chrome and upholstery and on boats. If your car or truck is really filthy, you might want to give it a quick rinse before washing, he advises.

An 8-ounce bottle, St. James says, will wash up to 16 cars. The cleanser costs $6.95, plus $1.75 on shipping and handling. St. James Industries pays all tax charges. Write: St. James Industries, 1930 Mission Ridge Road, P.O. Box 56, Santa Barbara 93102; phone: (805) 963-9400.

Emergency Dialer

A new four-button telephone dialer that attaches to any rotary, touch-tone or dial-pulse phone has recently been introduced by AT&T; to help consumers make emergency calls quickly. It would be particularly useful for families with small children or for elderly people who have trouble dialing a phone.

The 4-inch square unit can be easily attached to a standard phone and programmed with emergency numbers needed. Each large dialer button has an oversized, color-coded symbol for fire, police, ambulance and a parent, relative or friend who would be needed in an emergency situation. The buttons light up when the user picks up the telephone receiver.

The Four-Number Dialer can be leased from AT&T; for $2.95 a month or purchased for $39.95 with a 90-day warranty. It's available through AT&T; Phone Centers or authorized service agencies, or consumers can call (800) 222-0300.

No More Tears?

For toddlers, there's Shampoo Water Shed, a lightweight foam rubber ring that fits snugly around their heads to keep soap out of their eyes during shampooing.

The halo-like device weighs less than an ounce, comes in blue, and costs $2.99. In Southern California, Shampoo Water Shed is available at Longs Drug Stores, or it can be ordered through Advancer International, 389 Pomelo Ave., Brea 92621; phone: (213) 477-5988. Add 75 cents for shipping and handling.

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