In Ella’s Wake


As a young singer and fan of Miss Ella Fitzgerald, and also the youngest member of Society of Singers, I took great delight in attending Fitzgerald’s birthday celebration at the Beverly Hilton. I also felt proud to represent a large group of young singers and musicians who deeply appreciate the music of Ella and strive to carry on the great tradition of standards, jazz and nostalgia.

Consequently, I was a bit puzzled when I read Jeannine Stein’s story (“An Ella Award for All That Jazz,” May 1). I was concerned when (singer Kitty Kallen) mentioned no “young ones” had attended. It was also called to my attention that some “wondered where the next generation of singers were.” Kitty Kallen asked: “Where are the young ones?”

There are many young up and coming singers who believe strongly in carrying on the tradition and in supporting Ella Fitzgerald. In recent memory, Michael Feinstein and Harry Connick Jr. have definitely paved the way. I have made every effort to support such a great and worthwhile organization as Society of Singers. So, singers and everyone who are concerned:


Bury your worries!

Your singers are out here--

Just Notice Us!!!!


Los Angeles