Haven From Catastrophe


Thank you for your accurate and informative article by Gary Libman entitled “High Cost of Victory” on April 25. Cancer is definitely the greatest challenge I have met since my original diagnosis in 1982 at the age of 27.

I enjoy full remission now, but have been heavily penalized for using my health insurance. My premiums are prohibitive.

In the article Libman made reference to SB-6, which was introduced this year by Sen. Alan Robbins (D-Van Nuys). SB-6 would provide catastrophic health benefits for Californians. SB-6 will sell--not give--basic coverage at actual premium rates without subsidy. There is optional catastrophic health coverage with premium rates that are capped with three sources of subsidy: Proposition 99 money (cigarette and tobacco tax); Medi-Cal savings (for those people who can buy SB-6 coverage rather than apply for Medi-Cal) and investment money from premiums paid.


SB-6 will benefit all Californians. Those who are healthy now and have rarely used their health insurance pay hefty premiums to help defray the cost of the seriously ill. With passage of SB-6, the insurance companies will have no excuse to raise the rates so drastically. The taxpayer will not foot the bill for SB-6.