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A Pittsburgh radio station that wanted to call attention to its new format played part of the same song for two days, prompting listeners worried about the station's disc jockeys to flood emergency, FBI and police lines with telephone calls, officials said. WYDD-FM started playing the song "What's on Your Mind" by Information Society at 6 p.m. Tuesday, and when it got to the phrase "pure energy," repeated it over and over until 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, when the station changed to its new format. Program director Rick Sklar made a tape loop that "just kept repeating, 'Pure energy, pure energy,' " said Bob Hank, station general manager. The new station's theme is "Energy 105," based on the new call letters, W-N-R-J. But listeners hoping for the usual tunes became alarmed when regular music never came on and began phoning the station, the police, the 911 emergency number and the FBI, said station general manager Bob Hank. After the station realized listeners were worried, it ran teasers on the promotion's second day saying the stuck record was intentional, Hank said. "We were just trying to draw a little bit of attention," he said. "We never dreamed it would go this far."

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