Male Prostitute Who Killed 2 Homosexuals Executed

From United Press International

Sean P. Flanagan, a male prostitute who turned to killing homosexuals, was executed by lethal injection early today, mouthing his last words, “I love you,” to the district attorney who prosecuted him for two murders.

Flanagan, 28, a homosexual foamer Marine, sang hymns and read the Bible before being led to the execution room at Nevada State Prison, where he died of lethal injection 12 minutes after the drugs were administered at 2 a.m.

In the front row of witnesses to the execution was Deputy Dist. Atty. Dan Seaton, who had prosecuted Flanagan for the killing of two homosexual men in Las Vegas.

Flanagan was strapped to a table but lifted his head to mouth the words, “You are a just man,” to Seaton and then told him “I love you.”


Seaton said Flanagan had asked him not to come to the execution, but the deputy district attorney said it was his duty to “observe the ultimate effects of prosecution.”

The prosecutor said Flanagan, a self-proclaimed “born-again” Christian, would “kill more homosexuals if he ever got out.”

Flanagan had confessed to strangling pianist James Lewandowski in October, 1987, after he allegedly made homosexual advances in a motel room. Flanagan then cut up the body and dumped the parts in a trash container near the motel. Several days later he strangled Albert Duggins, a chef, saying Duggins deserved to die because he was a “faggot.”