Mahony on Abortion

Archbishop Mahony claims that "what has happened in America since Roe vs. Wade was handed down in 1973 is not merely offensive to Catholic sensibilities. It is deeply unworthy of us as a people."

Prior to Roe vs. Wade, complications from illegal abortions made up about one-quarter of all maternal deaths. In New York City, the legalization of abortion caused a 50% drop in pregnancy-related deaths the first year. Elsewhere in the U.S., it contributed not only to lower maternal mortality, but also to fewer infant deaths.

I, too, am Catholic. But I believe that what took place prior to the Roe decision is the real sin. Perhaps if Mahony put as much time and energy into getting the Catholic Church to accept and promote birth control as he does into playing God with the lives of women, we could all focus our energies on other issues. Homelessness, child abuse, and drug abuse are just a few that come to mind.


Toluca Lake

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