Mahony on Abortion

In reply to Mahony's question about abortion: What does it say about us as a people? I believe it says we recognize that many women are enslaved by their unique bodily function. Women and children comprise the largest segment of Americans living below poverty level; women are paid notoriously less than men in the business world; when children get sick, women must take time from their jobs to care for them, thus jeopardizing those jobs. If Mahony and (Operation Rescue leader) Randall Terry have their way, women will be forced to carry, and bear, the results of bad judgment, rape, incest and failed birth control.

For thousands of years men left the abortion issue to women. As long as it didn't threaten their power, it didn't exist for them. When women began their struggle for equality, men discovered abortion. The ultimate power over women is to have control of their wombs.

No sane woman chooses abortion as a method of birth control over a safe, reliable contraceptive. We hope that one day such will be available. In the meantime, women will continue to demand control of their own bodies.



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