Lighting Trouble Disrupts Flights

The lights went out for more than an hour Wednesday night along the main runway at Lindbergh Field, causing some delays, cancellations and rerouting of aircraft, airport authorities said.

The incident was traced to an electrical problem linked to a repaving of the airports' runways, said Maurice A. McDonald, airport manager.

The lights failed to illuminate at dusk, McDonald said. The contractor on the repaving job was summoned and the source of the problem was discovered and repaired, restoring light on the 9,400-foot runway at 9:04 p.m., McDonald said.

Commuter aircraft were able to use a smaller runway, which did not lose its lights, McDonald said.

Officially, the lights went out at 7:44 p.m., said Mark Morgan, airport supervisor.

As visibility was good, officials said, aircraft were allowed to land and take off from the lightless runway based on airline policy and pilot judgment.

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