Long Beach : Council OKs Accord to End Nursery-Residents Dispute

In response to a series of complaints from east Long Beach residents, Sunrise Growers has agreed to take a number of steps to reduce noise, litter and chemical spraying from its nursery operation in a right of way near Stevely Avenue.

The agreement, approved this week by the City Council at the recommendation of Councilman Les Robbins, is intended to settle a long-simmering dispute between Sunrise and homeowners whose back yards border the utility right of way used by the wholesale nursery. Angry residents have objected to the Sunrise operation, contending their lives are being unduly disrupted by noise, dust and pesticide spraying.

Under the agreement, Sunrise will plant evergreen trees behind homes if the residents request it, will limit truck traffic, install more trash bins and portable toilets for the workers, and attempt to reduce pesticide spraying.

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