Protect Animals From the Occult

After reading about "born-again" Christian Randy Emon and his occult ideas, I am quite mystified how he is able to retain such a responsible job as a police sergeant in Baldwin Park.

According to the article, Emon believes his children have been possessed by demons. How many more children standing in the sergeant's path will be accused of these same "crimes"?

Mention was made that two youths had mutilated around seven cats. The district attorney seems to have believed their act was "all a joke," to quote Glen Myers, Covina crime prevention officer.

Killing cats is not a joke. Neither should be mutilation of other animals in the name of Santeria or any other perverse religion that allows such horrible practices. Let's put the blame where it belongs--not on some medieval notion of satanic possession, but on religions that continue to practice animal cruelty.

Sgt. Emon should be studying psychology instead of occultism, and he should be referring people who commit bizarre religious rituals to the nearest mental health clinic. In the United States we have freedom of religion, but cruelty to animals should and must have priority over religious incantations of a former uncivilized age.


Long Beach

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