Tustin : Ethics Measure Dies for Lack of Support

A proposed ethics resolution designed to ease frictions on the Tustin City Council has died for lack of support.

The 12-point resolution, sponsored by Mayor Ursula E. Kennedy, called for an end to the bickering that has marked council meetings. It also would have urged council members not to publicly disclose information raised in closed sessions.

But at Tuesday's council meeting, Kennedy's colleagues refused to even discuss the ethics resolution despite admissions by three council members that infighting has plagued the body in recent months.

Councilman John Kelly said that while "a lot of us can't really stand each other," to adopt such a resolution would be hindering the independence of the council members.

Other members said that while the inability of the council to work as a team was frustrating, it was also unavoidable.

"No matter who's up here, I think you'll find some conflict," Councilman Ronald B. Hoesterey said. "To put this kind of resolution on the books would be an insult to the process."

In addition to Kelley and Hoesterey, council members Richard B. Edgar and Earl J. Prescott declined to support Kennedy's resolution.

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