The World : Ex-Soviet Aide Sentenced

The former prime minister of Soviet Uzbekistan was sentenced to nine years in a labor camp in the latest twist to a corruption scandal that reached into the Kremlin. The official Tass news agency said that Normankhanmadi Khudayberdyev, prime minister of the Central Asian republic from 1971 to 1984, was found guilty of giving $78,000 in bribes to Yuri M. Churbanov, son-in-law of late Soviet leader Leonid I. Brezhnev. Churbanov, a former deputy interior minister, was given a 12-year term in December for taking bribes. Khudayberdyev was also found guilty of taking $25,000 in bribes from his subordinates. More than 100 Communist Party and government officials have been implicated in the corruption probe, which began in Uzbekistan in 1983.

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