Polish President Reportedly Replaces Hard-Line Generals With Reformers

From United Press International

Polish President Wojciech Jaruzelski has fired several hard-line generals who opposed reforms that led to the nomination of Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki, a Communist Party source said.

Jaruzelski, who also is commander in chief of the armed forces, late Monday named new, younger officers to head Poland's three military districts: Pomerania, Silesia and Warsaw.

He also made five other promotions, including Gen. Jerzy Gotowala as commander of the air force, in what the official news agency PAP called "a rejuvenation of key posts in the armed forces." Gotowala, 48, replaced Gen. Tytus Krwawczyc, 59.

Western diplomats said that despite the changes, they are surprised that Jaruzelski still has not ousted his top remaining hard-liner, Defense Minister Florian Siwicki.

"Jaruzelski was facing apathy and almost a revolt in the army because the old guys were not keeping up with the political changes," one Communist Party source said.

Involved in Restructuring

A key promotion was that of Brig. Gen. Franciczek Puchala as deputy chief of the army general staff. Considered a reformer, Puchala has been involved in the restructuring of the Polish military forces.

On the eve of his confirmation by the Parliament last month as Poland's first non-Communist prime minister since World War II, Mazowiecki said Jaruzelski has assured him of support from the army and police, which are the traditional power base of the Communists.

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