STATE : 2 Gunmen Kill Armored Car Guard, Wound 2 at B of A in San Francisco

From Times Wire Services

An armored car guard was killed and two other men were seriously wounded today when two muscular holdup men opened fire inside Bank of America's world headquarters during an armored car robbery, police said.

The robbers reportedly fled on bicycles.

"It looks like a well-planned, well-orchestrated robbery," Deputy Chief Larry Gurnett said.

Officer David Ambrose said it appeared that the robbers entered the opposite side of the 55-story building from the two Brink's Inc. guards and the four men met near a candy counter by the indoor entrance to the Bank of America branch.

For some reason the men wearing ski masks and baseball caps opened fire, felling the two guards, Ambrose said. The third man, attracted to the scene by the shots, may have tried to intervene before he was wounded in the mouth, he added.

There was no immediate word on what, if anything, was taken during the holdup.

Witnesses described the gunmen as two white males in their 30s.

At San Francisco General Hospital, a spokeswoman said the dead Brink's guard, identified as John Arriola of Vallejo, suffered gunshot wounds to the face and the back of the head. The other wounded guard was shot above the left eyebrow and was listed in stable condition. The witness, wounded in the mouth, was also in fair condition.

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