NATION : Haig Denies ‘Deep Throat’ Report

From Times Wire Services

Alexander M. Haig today denied as “totally untrue” a published report saying he would reveal in a future book that he was the “Deep Throat” source for many newspaper stories about Watergate.

“My efforts then and now have been to preserve the presidency, not to tear it down,” said Haig, who was Richard M. Nixon’s chief of staff during his last 16 months in office. “The story regarding my being ‘Deep Throat’ is totally untrue,” Haig said.

The New York Daily News, quoting unnamed sources, said Haig would disclose that he was “Deep Throat” in his memoirs. Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who wrote many of the stories that led to exposure of the Watergate scandal, have consistently refused to identify “Deep Throat,” who they said was a major inside source.