How the Media Cover Crime and the Law Enforcement Community

I find it more and more difficult to accept the flagrant slanting of the media against the law-enforcement community. Today’s (Oct. 11) edition was a prime example: front page news on supposed “police brutality,” plus additional columns on other pages.

Where was an article stating how many police officers had been killed in the line of duty during this past year? Don’t bother to look--it ain’t there! Why don’t you want to bring this to the public’s attention?

If the average John and Mary Doe were facing a drug addict carrying a knife or gun, I wonder if they would not use as much “brutality” to defend themselves without thinking twice. The people who are the first to condemn a harsh arrest are the first to say, “Where were the police when I was being robbed?” and “Why didn’t they answer that 911 fast enough?”

The officers have a tough-enough job trying to keep our neighborhoods and streets safe. Do you really think they have the time to be polite to drug addicts, prostitutes, drive-by gunmen, pimps, drug dealers and child molesters?


We really need to get our heads on straight and begin to give better support to our enforcement community. We need to be tough if we are to show the criminal community that the United States really is in a war on crime. Sign me, “Sick of the whole wimpy ‘lynch him’ attitude of the media/public toward our great law-enforcement community.”