Bell Column

Life columnist Joseph Bell (Oct. 14) was right. Irvine voters will have a difficult time sorting through the "inaccurate and misleading" ballot arguments advanced by those in favor of Measure N on Nov. 7.

And it's easy to understand why this vote is so confusing.

* The groups wanting to repeal a section of Irvine's Human Rights Ordinance changed its name from Irvine Values Coalition to Citizens for Equal Rights.

* To keep Irvine's Human Rights Ordinance in place, a voter must vote no.

* The Times headline writer further helped confuse voters with a serious headline error. In keeping with Bell's story in which he condemned the values coalition for not "telling the truth," the headline should have read "Argument For Measure N in Irvine Appears To Be Inaccurate."

I am disturbed that voters might be misled if only the headline were read.

The campaign waged by the values coalition has been characterized by confusion, distortion, deception and lies. I want Irvine residents to know they can depend on the accuracy and honest representation of facts and arguments by those of us who are urging a no vote on Measure N.



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