Doctors Defended

I must take issue with the article "Helping to Relieve the Stiffness of Arthritic Medical Care" (by Linda Roach Monroe, Oct. 10). Specifically, I challenge the statement, "All doctors are that way--they only give you so much time and that's it. If they can't cure it with a prescription, then that's the end of it."

I have been treated for arthritis at UCLA Medical Center for many years and have had fine, continuing care by dedicated doctors and other health care professionals. Until a few years ago UCLA Medical Center had an Arthritis Rehabilitation Unit which brought together the full range of experts to help arthritis patients learn to manage their disease. Although I certainly regret the loss of the unit to arthritis patients, I believe the care, treatment and advice I have received since then to be all anyone could ask.

I also attend weekly exercise sessions at the Adult Day Health Care Center in San Clemente. The program, "Joint Efforts," is sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation.

There is no cure for arthritis, but my experience has shown that the medical community is willing and able to give us a great deal more than just a prescription.

JOHN SAXBY, San Clemente

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