Housing Issue Beyond a Family

I do not know all of the facts of Keryl Cartee’s life up to now (Times, Oct. 8). There is no statement as to whether or not she was ever married, whether or not these children are from one marriage or what happened to her husband or husbands who have not or are not in a position to support their children.

The attitude of (Santa Monica Rent Control Commissioner) Wayne Bauer that it is the responsibility of the landlords of Santa Monica to provide this woman housing at a below-market cost is not justifiable. My question is: “What is the responsibility of the individual to provide for herself and her family?”

There is no doubt that there are many people in our city who have deferred having large families because they could not provide for them, and there are hundreds of families with five children who would love to have a three- or four-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica at a low rent.

Will Mr. Bauer provide these other less fortunate families with the same accommodations that he is seeking for Ms. Cartee?


Please let us address the entire question of housing rather than one individual’s plight.


Pacific Palisades