Arab Men Urged to Peek Behind Veil

From United Press International

A Saudi newspaper said Monday that Arab men should make sure they get a good look behind the veil of their intended bride before the ceremony but acknowledged that Islamic scholars are not sure which parts of the anatomy they should be allowed to see.

“There is no disagreement among scholars that it is permissible for a man to look at the woman he intends to marry,” the Jidda-based daily Arab News advised a reader.

The newspaper said regulations in some Islamic states that disapprove of a man seeing his intended wife before the wedding ceremony “were more on account of the traditions of that particular society” rather than reflecting Islamic teachings.

But scholars differed on which parts of the anatomy a future bride could reveal.


“Some suggest that he may look at her face and the lower part of her hands, while others say that he may look at her when she is in the normal dress she wears at home,” the newspaper said.

The daily advised its male readers to “observe Islamic propriety when he looks at her . . . because this is a relaxation given to him for a particular purpose.”