Plan for Czech Reform Outlined

<i> From a Times Staff Writer</i>

The Civic Forum, the new opposition coalition, on Sunday announced a seven-point program that sets out in broad strokes the group’s goals for Czechoslovakia.

The program, entitled “What Do We Want?” will be submitted for discussion with Prime Minister Ladislav Adamec on Tuesday.

The program addresses seven areas: the country’s legal system, political system, foreign policy, national economy, environment, culture and a subject entitled “Social Justice.”

A Civic Forum spokesman elaborated on only four of the points:


-- Legal: Czechoslovakia must become a legal, democratic state. To achieve this, a new constitution is needed.

-- Political system: The principle of permanent change must be accepted because the existing crisis cannot be resolved by what was called “altering jobs and retiring some people.” It is essential that all political and social groups have equal rights.

-- Foreign policy. Czechoslovakia must strive for its honorable place in Europe, including “full participation in the process of European integration, and it must fully respect existing international obligations and commitments.”

-- Economics. Civic Forum advocates a mixed but open economy, with various types of ownership and a free flow of capital and goods.