Law Restricts Locations of Cigarette Machines

The Duarte City Council has voted to ban vending machines dispensing cigarettes or other tobacco products in places accessible to minors, in a move that one tobacco industry spokesman called a first.

Seventeen Duarte businesses, mainly restaurants, will be affected by last week's decision, a Duarte Chamber of Commerce official said. The vote was 3 to 2, with council members Ginny Joyce and Jim Kirchner protesting the ordinance as an infringement on private business. Affected businesses have until April, 1990, to remove the machines.

Duarte is the first city in California and the second in the nation to ban cigarette machines in areas accessible to minors, according to Jim Vari, legislative analyst for the Tobacco Merchants' Assn. in Princeton, N.J. He said King County, Wash., has a similar law on the books.

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