Stop Milken Bashing, At Least Until a Verdict of Guilt or Innocence Has Been Determined

I feel the need to respond to the two letters to the editor that appeared in your business section Nov. 12, in response to the article about Mike Milken ("The New Mike Milken," Oct. 15).

It has been fashionable for you to find very little of redeeming value in a young man who has not been found guilty of anything to this point in time.

After all, didn't you once print a story on the staggering amount of money--some $94 million--that Milken and his family's foundation have distributed? Doesn't that show you and your reading public that this is a giving, caring man and his family, in spite of all the slings and arrows that have been hurled his way?

It would appear to me that Mike Milken has the constitutional right to his day in court. It's time you stopped the Milken bashing game you have been playing and give Milken his day in court.


Santa Monica

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