Pasadena : Task Force on Development

A 13-member task force has been created to devise the third stage of the city's growth management initiative.

Members will include Gordon Hamilton, chairman of the city Planning Commission, and representatives from the Community Development Committee, the NAACP, the Pasadena Board of Realtors, the Chamber of Commerce, El Centro de Accion, the American Institute of Architects and Pasadena Residents in Defense of Our Environment, the group that devised the initiative. Other members will be selected from neighborhood groups.

The composition of the task force was approved Tuesday by the Board of Directors. Also approved was a measure that would exempt residential projects from the initiative, provided developers sign a 20-year, affordable housing covenant. Under the covenant, the units would be sold only to city-certified low- and moderate-income buyers.

The initiative, passed in March by a citywide vote, limits new residential and commercial construction for 10 years.

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