'Clipboard' Page on Figures About AIDS

The "Clipboard" page Nov. 25 on AIDS provided me with some very interesting facts, which are diametrically opposite to what I have been hearing from the media and various AIDS groups.

For example, from the tabulated figures "through Sept. 30, 1989," I calculated that 223 of 255 (87.5%) of the county's AIDS cases are homosexual and bisexual men. Am I really expected to believe the pitch that AIDS is not a "gay" disease? The Surgeon General tells us we need condoms because heterosexuals are at just as much risk of AIDS as are homosexuals, but how many heterosexuals in the table have AIDS? Four (1.6%)!

Let's stop all the political posturing and look at the facts: AIDS is overwhelmingly a homosexually transmitted disease, as the body count shows. It's time for the medical community to fess up, treat it as such, and stop lying to us.

J.B. Kiel,


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