Repatriation of Boat People

It is extremely regrettable that the government of Hong Kong decided to force the repatriation of Vietnamese refugees. It is more shameful of the free world to react lightly on this matter. But we cannot blame the people of Hong Kong for being heartless because they have done more than their share of sheltering the refugees.

While countries around the world are trying to come up with a solution and accusing each other at the same time for not doing enough, they have overlooked the main causes of the "boat people" problem. The first cause is the oppressive and deceitful policies of the Viet Cong government. This unpopular regime is the root of the "boat people" tragedy. To end this tragedy is to solve the Viet Cong problem once and for all.

The "ex-refugees" themselves are the second cause. Former Vietnamese citizens are returning to visit Vietnam in increasing numbers in spite of laws banning travels by the government of the nations where they now reside. The U.S. government, in particular, has looked the other way and allowed these illegal travels to flourish.

Having returned to Vietnam and not having been persecuted by the Viet Cong regime, these selfish, law-breaking tourists have falsely shown to the free world and especially Vietnam's neighboring nations that there is no political persecution in Vietnam. They have forgotten that the only reason the Viet Cong let them come back is money. Money not for solving the economic crisis caused by the regime's ignorance and economic mismanagement, but for clinging to fading powers.

Sooner or later this unjust regime will be overthrown and replaced by a true democratic government.


Huntington Beach

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