Population Control

In your letters to the editor (Dec. 17), John Ferguson suggested that with the growing overpopulation problems of Orange County, attention needs to be given to the limitation of population here.

This appears to me as a questionable tackling of symptoms of the problem rather than facing the problem itself. One of the basic reasons that population in this once-fair county continues to explode is that more and more jobs are opening up. As long as businesses and industry expand, people are going to come thronging to the area, and if they cannot find affordable housing here, they will jam the freeways, such as the San Diego and Riverside freeways, commuting from places where they can secure housing, all contributing to our growing traffic and smog nightmare.

Until our chambers of commerce and various city governments realize that we have reached the saturation point and refuse to encourage or allow new business enterprises, the flood of new people will continue.