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<i> Bruce McCall is a frequent contributor to the New Yorker</i>

To: My Staff

From: Me

Urgent we all meet, my place, right after Lakers game. Gist: Just teleconferenced Geneva. For don’t-even-ask, we now own 90-day exclusive option on GLOBAL WARMING. Let’s move --Jeffrey K. may not be bluffing about animated version. Talking points:

1. A title. Sid, “I’ll Fry Tomorrow” too cute for the most socially conscious vehicle ever filmed. A title, please .


2. Story line wide-open. You tell me: Solzhenitsyn wacky or not wacky for the first draft? Nora Ephron inspired or not inspired for the polish?

3. Goldie’s in turnaround with the bulimia true-lifer but asks can can can she do the Amelia Earhart cameo. Anybody not see Kurt for Mr. E.? Or, to go another way, if we have Meryl, then we can get Nicholson. Maybe for this he would want only 5% of the gross.

4. If it’s bonkers, somebody tell me it’s bonkers but: Norman Lear does the Alf Nobel part. Dickie Attenborough as Tip O’Neill? Just musing. Tip O’Neill as Kemal Ataturk?

5. Dustin is in only if Havel has a speaking part equal to Sam’s and Jessica’s combined. Call Ovitz for contract language, Phil. Shep: Fax Prague. Vac must FedEx glossies.

6. Steven “knocked sideways” (his words) by SFX possibilities. I think he’s in. I think he thinks he’s in.

7. Martin Sheen is NO if Chuck Heston is YES and vicey-versey. Trade-off times, guys! (P.S. to Mark: Chuck’s bluffing. He couldn’t get enough plutonium in time, plus , which studio would he hit? This is a six-corner deal!!!)

8. Could Jane do Eleanor R.'s U.N. General Assembly speech in a leotard? OK, OK, but Jane’s going to ask; won’t give up on getting visibility for World Fitness by leading delegates in a workout.

9. Michelle + Cruise = Diana + Charles. Yes? Yes!!


10. Shirley McL. phoned just now. Quote, “Thalberg says I belong above title.” Who’ll field? The Mother Theresa part’s supposed to be a cameo.

11. Chuck, check if F. Murray Abraham and Ben Kingsley are same guy. If da , get me I.B. Singer in to rewrite. We gotta tear apart the whole Lenin-in-Tahiti concept.

12. Let’s save a little for post-Global Warming scenarios, kids. Our deal is for two pictures--e.g. Barbra and her people see World Drowsiness as huge issue entirely overlooked. Could go medical thriller. Could go jewel heist. Barbra hears a musical and so do I. Who hears Sting? Who hears Prince? Who hears . . . both!!!!