Satisfied Patient Defends Allergist

Re articles on Dr. George R. Borrell (Jan. 4 and 6): About 10 years ago, after many years of misery with frequent colds and flu, blocked nose, having to sit up all night, I went to a qualified MD allergist. I was given the 200-plus skin test injections, was told that I was allergic to practically everything in the air and put on a twice-a-week allergy injection program.

After some months with no improvement, I was informed that the only solution was to have an operation, in fact two operations, one for each side of my face (sinuses). The doctor told me his fee for each operation was $2,000, and so with the hospital costs plus one month off work, I was facing considerable cost and suffering. There was no assurance that it would cure the problem or that it would not recur.

Then I remembered an advertisement about allergy control. I went to see Dr. Borrell, at that time in Gardena. He described the immune system, the allergy control treatment, the history behind it, how he had found out about it and researched it. He did not claim a cure-all but stated that he had a better than 80% success rate. He also cautioned that I probably would not see any change until after at least the fourth injection. The cost was $100 for the first visit and $35 for each of the following seven weekly injections.

After the fifth injection, I began to notice improvement and after the eighth and final injection, I felt fine. Since then, I have not had any allergy problems. It would be a great disservice to the many thousands of Dr. Borrell's patients and even greater injustice to revoke his license due to the complaints of three persons.


Seal Beach

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