Infant Formula for New Baby--Ideal Gift?

It never ceases to amaze me that infant formula is still considered to be an ideal gift for a new baby. I am referring to your article (Jan. 1) regarding the New Year's baby born at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center.

In light of all the research about breast milk being the far superior infant food, I cannot believe that hospitals still insist on being free advertisements for the formula companies! The money used to buy the New Year's baby four weeks' worth of formula could have been much better spent on the services of a lactation consultant for the new mother.

At least this type of gift would have proven the giver's true interest in the well-being of that baby!

It is bad enough for the hospitals to give away free formula but is even worse for the newspapers to announce this as if it were such a great gift. How unfortunate that our culture continues to undermine the superb benefits that human milk offers to both mother and baby.


San Clemente

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