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Greenpeace--Christopher Childs, national spokesman for Greenpeace, will speak Jan. 30 at South Coast Community Church in Irvine. The lecture and slide show will focus on the history and future of the international organization, which has made headlines by using civil disobedience techniques in confronting governments, whalers and chemical companies.

According to Childs, Greenpeace vessels have been rammed, seized, bombed and sunk. Crew members have been arrested, beaten and imprisoned. One crew member was killed when the vessel Rainbow Warrior, en route to protest French nuclear testing, was bombed.

Childs' presentation will address efforts by Greenpeace in Antarctica to monitor compliance with international environmental treaties governing the continent, which is coming under increasing development pressure.

Tickets for the 8 p.m. talk are $8 for general admission, available at the Bren Center Box Office and Ticketron. Information: (714) 856-5000.

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