Yes to No Ads

Bravos to the Disney company for its recently announced boycott of theaters that show advertisements prior to Disney films. (Sorry for "zapping you," L.A. Times, but we just don't want to be reminded in that setting of how great you are.)

Let's not stop there, Disney--please, go after those theaters that assault us with those damnable slide shows before the auditorium goes dark. Those inane slides, promoting everything from smiling pharmacists ("Buy My Vitamins"!) to "proud Marines," severely cheapen the moviegoing experience.

Entry into a theater should be calming, the beginning of a magical, transporting experience. Is there no escape from advertisers and from greedy theater chains, which have deteriorated the movie "event" by reducing screen sizes and theaters into cracker boxes, upping concession prices beyond all reason and charging us $7 to be force-fed these horrible ads?



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